25 Jan 2012

12 best sustainable buildings in Emilia Romagna

Domus Technica Immergas was selected as one of the 12 best sustainable buildings in Emilia Romagna, by "Osservatorio sull'Architettura Sostenibile in Emilia Romagna".  

Project will be exhibited inside the event "ECOCASA 2012" (Reggio Emilia, 16-19 feb 2012).

Paolo Iotti and Marco Pavarani will attend to the conference-meeting "Sostenibile Emilia Romagna", on 17 february (15,00 - 18,00) at Sala Auditorium Fiere di Reggio Emilia.

20 Jan 2012


A focus on "Fondazione Renzo Piano Award" on:    http://www.youtube.com/user/architetturaecritica#p/u/1/XH3EygrZ90E

12 Jan 2012

US Award 2011 - 3rd prize

Domus Technica Immergas is awarded with 3rd Prize at "US Award 2011 - Workplace: quality and innovation".

Prize giving ceremony will be held at Il Sole 24 Ore headquarters in Milan on 8th february 2012 (at 17.30).

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