5 Dec 2012

First prize in competition for urban requalification in Langhirano

Iotti+Pavarani, in team with Centro Cooperativo di Progettazione, won first prize in two phases competition in Langhirano (PR), for the requalification of the urban central area, with a new  civic and conference center.

28 Nov 2012

School complex in Cavezzo

Iotti+Pavarani took part to restricted competition for a new school complex in Cavezzo (MO);
competition was organized by Fondazione Renzo Piano together with Corriere della Sera and Tg di La7, that arranged a fund raising to help people of Cavezzo, hit by the earthquake on 20 and 29 of may.

12 Oct 2012

Campovolo - A masterplan for a concert arena park in Reggio Emilia

The concept design for Campovolo, a masterplan for a concerts arena park in Reggio Emilia, was introduced in a press conference at Reggio Emilia Town Hall on 26th sept, by Paolo Iotti and Marco Pavarani, together with Mimmo Spadoni (town special projects councillor), Ferdinando Salzano and Claudio Maioli. 


30 Sep 2012

La Ceramica e il Progetto Award - First Prize

Domus Technica Immergas is awarded with 1st Prize at "La Ceramica e il Progetto Award 2012"  for commercial and hospitaly category.

Prize giving ceremony was held at Cersaie in Bologna on 27th september 2012.


30 Aug 2012

L'industria delle costruzioni n.426

"Domus Technica" on cover page of L'industria delle costruzioni n.426 - july/august 2012

10 Jun 2012

Oris 74

"On Sustainable Elegance": 
Domus Technica Immergas published on "Oris 74" (Zagreb), with a text by Giovanni Vragnaz.

20 May 2012

Arketipo 62 - ENERGY

Domus Technica Immergas published on "Arketipo 62 - ENERGY", with a text by Benedetta Bertani.

10 May 2012

Jury member in competition "Piazza d'Armi Urban Park"

Paolo Iotti is jury member in international competition "Piazza d'Armi Urban Park" - set up by Municipality of L'Aquila - together with Arch.Juan Manuel Palerm Salazaar, Arch.Angelo Patrizio, Arch.Antonio Perrotti, Arch.Gianfranco Agostinetto.


5 May 2012

Second prize in competition for new Town Hall in Rodano

Iotti+Pavarani, together with Ai Engineering, won the Second Prize in competition to design the new Town Hall in Rodano.


4 May 2012

Lecture in Genova

Lecture by Iotti + Pavarani at Faculty of Architecture of Genova, on 10th May 2012 at 11 a.m.

25 Jan 2012

12 best sustainable buildings in Emilia Romagna

Domus Technica Immergas was selected as one of the 12 best sustainable buildings in Emilia Romagna, by "Osservatorio sull'Architettura Sostenibile in Emilia Romagna".  

Project will be exhibited inside the event "ECOCASA 2012" (Reggio Emilia, 16-19 feb 2012).

Paolo Iotti and Marco Pavarani will attend to the conference-meeting "Sostenibile Emilia Romagna", on 17 february (15,00 - 18,00) at Sala Auditorium Fiere di Reggio Emilia.

20 Jan 2012


A focus on "Fondazione Renzo Piano Award" on:    http://www.youtube.com/user/architetturaecritica#p/u/1/XH3EygrZ90E

12 Jan 2012

US Award 2011 - 3rd prize

Domus Technica Immergas is awarded with 3rd Prize at "US Award 2011 - Workplace: quality and innovation".

Prize giving ceremony will be held at Il Sole 24 Ore headquarters in Milan on 8th february 2012 (at 17.30).

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