19 Nov 2014

Incontri d'autore 2014 - Lecture in Bologna

Paolo Iotti and Marco Pavarani are invited to introduce their work on Thursday 27th of November at SHOWROOM SALAROLI, within "Incontri d'autore 2014 - L'architettura contemporanea italiana", promoted by ProViaggiArchitettura.
The meeting will include lectures by Gabriele Lelli and Divereserighestudio and will be chaired by the architect Roberto Bosi


23 May 2014

Biennale di Venezia - 14. Mostra Internazionale di Architettura

Regina Pacis Community Center will be featured in the Italian Pavillion in the frame of the exhibition "Innesti - grafting" by Cino Zucchi, within the 14a Venice Architecture Biennale.
Opening 7th June


12 May 2014

Office Party - Spring 2014

Music, drink and food: spring party at Iotti+Pavarani Architetti studio, via Emilia all'Angelo 3, Reggio Emilia, on Sunday 18th May at 20,00. 

11 May 2014

Community Center opening

Regina Pacis Community Center in Reggio Emilia opening party on May 11th, at 12.00.

22 Apr 2014

ZIP PADOVA - LAP3 Students' works exhibition

Projects developed by students of LAP3C (Design course 3 - Prof.Paolo Iotti) at the Faculty of Architecture of Ferrara during the AA 2013-2014, are exposed at Centro Culturale San Gaetano in Padova.

ZIP PADOVA - Seminar

Paolo Iotti participates to seminar "ZIP PADOVA -Targets and strategies for the regeneration of post-industrial areas" on 22th April 2014 at Centro Culturale San Gaetano in Padova, with the intervention "Venure incubators: didactic experiences".

25 Mar 2014


Paolo Iotti and Marco Pavarani are invited to introduce their work on 16th of april at FAI Villa e Collezione Panza, within THINKING VARESE - the series of conferences promoted by Ordine degli Architetti di Varese (which include lectures by Goncalo Byrne, Eugene Kohn, Juan Navarro Baldeweg, Park Associati, Werner Tscholl, Geza and Liverani e Molteni).
The meeting will be chaired by the architect and critic Pierre Alain Croset. 


Community center Regina Pacis

The community center Regina Pacis in Reggio Emilia is now complete!
(photo: Saverio Cantoni)

25 Jan 2014

Storia dell'architettura italiana 1985-2015

Iotti + Pavarani firm profile featured on "Storia dell'architettura italiana 1985 - 2015", by Marco Biraghi and Silvia Micheli (ed. Einaudi).


20 Jan 2014

Innovative corporate buildings

Domus Technica Immergas featured on "Innovative corporate buildings", by Links.

5 Nov 2013

Architects Party in Reggio Emilia

"Architects Party 2013" at Iotti+Pavarani Architetti studio, on Friday 8th November at 19.00.

3 Sept 2013

Lecture in Novara

Paolo Iotti and Marco Pavarani are invited to introduce their work in Novara on 20th september 2013 (at 21.00, Auditorium del Conservatorio Guido Cantelli), within the event "novararchitettura 2.0.13"

20 Aug 2013

BigMat International Architecture Award - Shortlisted

Domus Technica selected among the 20 best projects in Italy to compete for the BigMat International Architecture Award.